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Sensenbrenner Primary Care is a participating provider for the following Medicare plans:

Commercial Insurance

BCBS Participation

North Carolina

South Carolina

BlueCard (out of state)

or if your card says PPO inside of a suitcase

Use the website below to see if we are a network provider using the alpha prefix from your BCBS card. Be sure to enter our zip code, 28277 and the alpha prefix from your card for accurate results!!

*If you choose Blue Value, Blue Local, or Blue Essentials (BCBS SC) and want to keep Sensenbrenner Primary Care as your PCP, we will collect your balance in full and file an out of network claim to BCBS on your behalf. Understand that your benefits level will be reduced if there are any benefits at all. Please refer to your plan documents or contact the customer service number on the back of your card with specific questions regarding how your claim might be processed.

**Please note, if you participate in a share plan, you will be expected to pay in full at the time of service. We will then courtesy file your claim.

Self-Pay (no insurance)

A patient that does not have third party coverage from a health insurer, health care service plan, Medicare, or Medicaid and does not have an injury that is compensable for the purposes of workers’ compensation, automobile insurance, or other insurance as determined and documented by SPC is eligible for a discount under our Uninsured Self-Pay Prompt Payment Discount Policy. It does not apply to patients classified as underinsured (i.e., patients who present insurance coverage that is limited or otherwise does not adequately cover the patient’s charges) or patients who have health insurance whose out of pocket responsibility is derived from a non-covered service, co-pay, coinsurance, or deductible. A $50.00 uninsured self-pay pre-payment is made prior to or during appointment check-in (pre-payment applied to balance at check-out). Payment in full must be received on the date of service during check-out. SPC reserves the right to reverse the discount if a) a potential payer source is identified, b) the patient fails to pay in full at the time of service during check-out, c) the patient’s payment by check is returned by the bank (NSF check). Services provided by outside vendors (e.g., outside lab services) are not covered by this policy and questions related to discounts should be referred to the vendor directly.