About Us

In 2004, Dr. Sensenbrenner chose to leave the large regional hospital system he worked for and opened Sensenbrenner Primary Care

After recognizing that the large regional hospital systems were shifting their focus away from quality patient care and towards the bottom line, Sensenbrenner made a home in the Blakeney area of South Charlotte. Over 85% of his previous patient-base followed him to this location. Since its inception, Sensenbrenner Primary Care has continued to grow and provide excellent healthcare as an independent provider.

Currently, we have five providers when we welcomed Dr. Sensenbrenner's son Eric to the practice in 2022 . While our practice has grown and transformed, one thing has stayed the same throughout the years: our commitment to our patients and providing the best treatments.

Our Approach to Care

From the beginning, the philosophy of Sensenbrenner Primary Care has been to provide personalized healthcare to every patient. Our goal is not to see the most patients, but to give the very best care to the patient sitting in front of us.

Our patients entrust us with their health and deserve the quality of care that we would want for ourselves. At the end of each day, we want to go home knowing that we did our very best to serve each and every patient.

As independent providers, we value our patients’ choices and understand the necessity of prioritizing patients’ health over the bottom line. Our providers work with you to create personalized treatment plans and healthcare services.

One of our core values both in and out of our practice is family. Usually, the term family practice refers to a general health practice which can treat a variety of conditions, but we take the meaning a step further. We see our patients as family and offer them open communication, care, and consideration.

Our commitment to providing excellent treatment and health services impacts every appointment. Our providers maintain an active role in the development of new treatments and medicines so we can provide you with the most cutting edge care. Due to our patient-first approach, we look at every treatment, both new and established, and recommend the best treatments based on our client’s situation and needs.

What We Specialize In

As a primary care practice, we are able to provide a wide variety of healthcare services. Our providers are experienced in preventive, acute, and chronic care.

Preventive care can be anything from coming in for an annual check-up to taking advantage of the culinary solutions and healthy recipes on our blog . Our check-ups and preventive appointments are designed to get to know your specific health situation and what type of preventive care will best serve your lifestyle.

We also treat acute and chronic conditions. Acute conditions can include anything that is sudden and onset, such as severe cold symptoms, or an asthma attack. Treatment for acute conditions usually involves intense care over a shorter period. Chronic conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, require ongoing management and care. With either acute or chronic conditions, you want a long-lasting relationship with a healthcare provider devoted to your needs. Sensenbrenner Primary Care is in a unique position to offer that due to our patient-first values.

Additional Services We Offer

Preventive Health and Total Well-being

Women’s Health

Behavioral and Mental Health

Senior Primary Care

Advance Care Planning

Genetic & Cancer Testing

Multi Cancer Early-Detecting Service

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