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In 2004, Dr. Sensenbrenner chose to leave the large regional hospital system he worked for and opened Sensenbrenner Primary Care

On Rea Road near the Blakeney Shopping Center in Charlotte, NC after recognizing that the large regional hospital systems were shifting their focus away from quality patient care and towards the bottom line. Over 85% of his previous patient-base followed him to this location. And since its inception, Sensenbrenner Primary Care has continued to grow and now has four full-time providers.

From the beginning, the philosophy of Sensenbrenner Primary Care has been to provide personalized healthcare to every patient. Our goal is not to see the most patients, but rather to give the very best care to the patient sitting in front of us.

Our patients entrust us with their health and deserve the quality of care that we would want for ourselves. At the end of each day, we want to go home knowing that we did our very best to serve each and every patient.

8821 Blakeney Professional Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277
Ph: (704) 887-1101
Fx: (704) 887-1102

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