The Importance of Preventative Care

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The Importance of Preventative Care

Finding a new normal is all about picking up where we left off, safely.  We can be around responsible friends and family that wear masks and practice good hygiene during this challenging time.  It’s also time to resume other things we might not want to do, but need to do to avoid more serious and chronic health risks and conditions. Things like, scheduling your annual physical, getting your flu shot, etc.

It’s important to call for a physical to see what screenings you are due for or to get a referral to proceed with specialist care. Of course, everyone wants to take advantage of their deductible by year-end. If you cannot get an appointment as soon as you would like in 2020, take advantage early in 2021 when appointments are more available and flexible with your schedule. You have an entire year to get your physical, which is likely covered in your insurance plan. 

If you take prescribed medications, keep in mind that it is best practice to be seen a minimum of once a year by your doctor, depending on your condition.  We may not be able to continue prescribing if you are not seen frequently enough to ensure your safety.  Certainly ask if telemedicine is appropriate for your specific situation, such as some medication follow-ups.


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