Certified Medical Assistant

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Certified Medical Assistant

Employment Type: Full-time

This MA or Nursing role is responsible for assisting the physician and/or Advanced Care Practitioner (ACP) with direct patient care, patient intake at office visit, quality documentation, vaccine and medication administration, clerical, environmental, and organizational tasks. Assists with appointment scheduling and maintaining electronic medical record or applicable paper records. Provides information to patients so that they may fully utilize resources and benefit from practice services. Works as part of a care team to improve the execution of quality requirements, increase throughput, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall patient experience. The Medical Assistant assists in maintaining a clean, safe patient environment, and performs job responsibilities in a safe manner. The Medical Assistant or Nurse maintains clinical competency as appropriate to the ages, developmental stages, and special needs of the patient population served. May be assigned to a specific organizational task but expected to cross train in a quality administrative role.

Adam Lingle

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