Depression Screenings: Are You At Risk?

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Depression Screenings: Are You At Risk?

Approximately 40 million American adults struggle with depression or anxiety on a daily basis.

At Sensenbrenner Primary Care, we are acutely aware that many of our patients cope with mental health issues. For this reason, we want to raise awareness of how important it is to be screened for depression. Screenings help to bring depression into the light; oftentimes ignoring or denying that you struggle with depression can only make matters worse. Receiving a diagnosis is the first step to beginning treatment and feeling better.

National Depression Screening Day is October 10 and we encourage anyone at risk for depression to be screened. Screening is important because it can lead to a diagnosis, provide support/resources, and help fight stigma.

For more information:

If you think you are at risk for depression and would like to be screened, we are here for you and would love to help you. Please contact our office!

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