Staying Active in Chilly Weather

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Staying Active in Chilly Weather

It’s beginning to cool down and, before we know it, the days will be shorter. It can be difficult to stay motivated to exercise when your cozy couch is also an enticing option!

Here are some tips to staying active during chilly weather:

  • Head to the gym: Use the chilly weather as a reason to join your neighborhood gym and become involved in all that a community-gym has to offer!
  • Exercise at home: Find an online dance or yoga class that you can do in the comfort and warmth of your own home.
  • Find an indoor pool: Swimming is an incredible full-body exercise that builds endurance and cardiovascular fitness. During cooler months, swimming is an exciting indoor activity that can help you build muscle and burn fat.
  • Go for a wintery hike: Enjoy the brisk air and explore local trails!
  • Explore a new shopping mall: Window shopping and walking in a mall will keep you shielded from the elements while you get your steps in!
  • Deep clean your house: Did you know that you can burn 200 calories by vacuuming for an hour? Cleaning your house and doing normal house chores can actually help you stay active!
  • Learn a new indoor sport: Take the time to explore a sport that you’ve always wanted to learn like basketball, racquetball, indoor soccer, volleyball, etc. Join a local league!

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