Preventing the Common Cold

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Preventing the Common Cold

It happens to everyone: the stuffy nose, the sneezing, the achiness, and the fatigue. Everyone has faced the uncomfortable realities of the common cold. When temperatures drop and the days are shorter, your immune system weakens, and you can become more susceptible to catching a cold.

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s a very inconvenient time to catch a cold. Here are some tips for preventing the common cold, so you can stay focused on stringing lights and wrapping gifts!

  • Disinfect – Kill contagious germs by washing your hands frequently with an antibacterial soap. Also consider using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer! Also, avoid touching your face during cold and flu season as much as possible.
  • Zinc Supplements – Zinc Sulfate is proven to prevent the escalation of a common especially when taken within the first 24-hours of your first symptom.
  • Probiotics— Consider taking a probiotic. Probiotics can be beneficial in boosting your immune system and preventing the common cold.
  • Exercise—Moderate cardio-vascular exercise is an excellent way to minimize your chances of developing a cold through strengthening your body’s immunity.
  • Stay Hydrated— Flush your body of bacteria and toxins by staying properly hydrated. Drink water all throughout the day!

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